Our Services: Jazz Bands for Hire and more

​Established in 1998 in Califormia and then moved to Kansas is 2005, Blue Moon Music Productions has built a solid reputation as being among the best places one can get high quality music related services in Wichita, Tulsa, Kansas City, Topeka, Oklahoma City, and other surrounding areas in Kansas.

Our services include:

Jazz bands for hire - We offer high quality jazz music you and your guests are sure to love. Whether it's a solo act you need or a full, twelve-piece big band, we, at Blue Moon Music Productions are your best bet to provide cocktail party entertainment at very reasonable rates.

Brass quintet and String quartet music - Nothing beats the beauty and harmony a highly skilled string quartet brings to any occasion. Ideal for weddings and other solemn events, our string quartet embodies style, elegance, beauty and an unparalleled level of music that speaks straight to the heart.

Song composition services - We write beautiful songs tailored to your specific needs. Be it for commercials, movies or TV, we're certain to deliver exactly what you need! We also help budding composers by adding music to their words or words to their music.

Professional CD recording - Get the best recording experience with Blue Moon Music Productions with our in-house Certified Pro Tools Engineer taking care of your every need and making sure you sound as good as possible.

Duplication of CD's/DVD's - Once you're done with your recording, have your CD or DVD reproduced in high quality, complete with full color printing on top.

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